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Welcome To SIRTS

As engineers, we are data-driven decision makers. We are relentless in our attention to results, and our focus is necessarily on the objective outcomes of our methods. After all, how else can we measure our success?
SIRTS prides itself on being a student-centered, nationally competitive research institution. What does this mean to our engineering students, our faculty and our community? It means we are committed to listening to what the data has to say about: More

Latest News & Events

» Three value Addition Courses are currently running in CSE,ME and EC Department

» Following students of VI Sem EC & EX dept. won FIRST PRIZE in Gully Cricket match held in Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal on 6th March, 2014:

» 1. Mr. Mayank Richhariya EC

» 2. Mr. Hari Siddharth EC

» 3. Mr. Nishant Sharma EX

» 4. Mr. Ravi Shankar Tiwari EX

» 5. Mr. Abhay Tiwari EX

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